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Why energy bracelets?

Increase your strength, your health and improve your sleep.


Wherever you are, there are positively and negatively charged particles called ions. These particles are not evenly distributed but can vary depending on the electric field, weather conditions and geographical location. Under conditions where the negative ions predominate, humans and animals tend to feel their best. It is no coincidence that spas, mineral springs and similar facilities are sited close to places with a large excess of negative ions. 


U.S. research



The research that exists today shows that the body’s cells would have such a neutral position to work as optimally as possible. It is generally known that many of the things that humans and animals are surrounded by today emit positive ions, such as television, computers, tablets and mobile phones. This allows us casually at high risk of getting a deficit of negative charge that the body needs in order to feel their best. 

The technology of the bracelets originates from the U.S. military and has afterwards formed the basis for further science. With the bracelets from Good Balance you can clearly feel that your ion incidence will smooth out, helping you to feel many positive tangible effects. Regardless of where you live, energy bracelets help you feel better both physically and mentally. 



There are currently a number of studies showing that less ions or positively charged air, ie air with abnormally high proportion of positively charged ions has the ability to attract debris and dry out the airways in our bodies. In larger towns and cities, air pollution is prevalent, reducing the number of negative ions in the air. Generally in these places the ion content is reduced by half in comparison with fresh and clean country air, which for the body gives a less healthy climate and environment.

Good Balance bracelets contain a compound of strong and negative ions extracted from rich minerals from the volcano ash. This composition is diluted in the silicone bracelets and affects the body through the skin.





Symptoms of too few negative ions


Some external forces such as the nature and the climate’s behavior can affect humans adversely physically and mentally. There are some wingd that contains a high proportion och positive ions, such as the well known Fohnwind. In susceptible individuals, this wind could give, headache, insomnia and even depression. Similar effects can be experienced at low pressure before a thunderstorm.

 One explanation for such disorders may be that positive ions contribute to the stress hormone serotonin is released. This hormone plays a role in the triggering of migraine and has an astringent effect on blood vessels and bronchi. The hormone may also influence the blood pressure, cause nervousness, depression and fatigue. 


There are a lot of advantages with energy bracelet from Good Balance.



Negative ions have since the early 1900s been used to purify the air and make it healthier to inhale. An advantageous ion climate among other is the Swedish mountains and the waterfalls. This is one of the reasons that such sites often are the places where you can find mineral springs and spas.

Good Balance bracelets have helped and provided thousands of customers a better and healthier living. The effects can differ from every individual. When the body is exposed to negative ions the effects are many but nothing is guaranteed to work for all individuals. There is no documented medical research over energy bracelets impact and results are not guaranteed and vary from every individual. 


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