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Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions that Good Balance customer service receives. Please read before contacting us, because the answer to your question is most certainly below.

The products and their function.

What is Good Balance?

Good Balance can offer you, with the help of the incredibly popular and appreciated energy bracelets, to improve your chances of a better health. The energy bracelets is often also called balance bracelets, health bracelets and magnetic bracelets.

What are negative ions?

Everywhere in your everyday life, there are positively and negatively charged particles called ions. An ion is an atom or molecule that has a surplus or deficit of the electronic charge. Common to both negative and positive ions is to produce a charge, either positive or negative. The ions are never evenly distributed in our atmosphere and in our air and vary depending a variety of factors, such as weather situations and your geographic location. There is often an excess of positive ions.

How do the bracelets with negative ions work?

The energy bracelets/health bracelets from Good Balance that are made of silicone contains negative ions, in the form of a powder of volcanic ash and tourmaline. The powder contains minerals with a high proportion of negative ions mixed with silicone and can balance the surplus of positive ions in your environment. This can contribute to a variety of benefits for your body and soul.

What is magnetism and how do magnetic bracelets work?

Health and magnetism are two concepts that have long gone hand in hand, and the method was first constructed during the 1700s and lately magnetism as a treatment gained increased attention again. The magnets can affect blood flow and an increased oxygen level, which means that you can get rid of waste products and the general condition and performance increases. Magnetism has also proved effective to pain, for example, in wrists. A British study showed that magnetic bracelets can relieve pain in arthritic patients, for example. The study resulted in a significant reduction in symptoms among persons with magnetic bracelets. Good Balance magnetic bracelet contains a different number of magnets (see under each product).

What are the bracelets made of?

The bracelets are made of high quality silicone which is diluted with a high proportion of negative ions and two holograms loaded with scale frequency energy.

How many ions contains the bracelets?

All bracelets from Good Balance is charged and filled with the highest proportion of negative ions without affecting the color of the bracelets. The negative ions are inside a dark powder that is diluted in the silicone in the productions process of the bracelets, it may have som effect on the lighter colors. We have carefully tested the optimal amount of negative ions in our bracelets in terms of both function and mainteneance of color and we know that we has one of the world’s highest-loaded bracelets available

Does the bracelets includes some sort of metal and magnet?

Yes, some bracelets do. See under each product

When will the bracelets effect me?

Du to the fact that no scientific tests prove that the bracelets works, we can not express a genera opinionl about this. What we know though, from many of our clients is that it varies and some are experiencing effect immediately and others after a few weeks. Some do not experience any effect at all.

When will the bracelets be useless?

The bracelets have no expiry dates purely functional, but all silicone bracelets usually become worn over time and may need to be replaced after 9 months or up to 1 year.

Use the products

How constantly should I use the bracelet?

We recommend you to use the bracelets during the whole day and night – even when you sleep. This is due to get the best effect out of the products.

Can the bracelets be used in water, in the shower and at the beach?

All silicone bracelets from Good Balance are water resistant and can be used freely in these environments. The bracelets that have elements of metal is recommended to be removed when you are in contact with water.

Is it necessary that the hologram on the silicone bracelets affects the skin?

No, we recommend that the bracelets is as freely so that you can rotate it around the wrist.

Does it matter on which side that the bracelet is placed on?

No, use the bracelet on the side that feels most comfortable. It works also perfect wearing one ore more. Many of our customers also choose to use them on the ankle as it gives exactly the same effect as wearing them on your arm.

What size shall I choose?

This is entirely up to you how tight you want the bracelet to be. Wearing a bracelet shall though be comfortable and not the opposite. In our oppinion it should neither sit too tight or too loose. The silicone bracelets are flexible/stretchable and can easily be stretched over your hand and/or wrist. Several of the bracelets are adjustable and then there is no need of selecting sizes, but some of the bracelets have selectable sizes. We recommend that you measure your wrist and then pick a size with a circumference that is a little larger than your wrist. That is, if you have a wrist that is 16.5 cm in circumference, take a bracelet that is 17 cm.

What sizes are available?

It appears under each product.

Disease, pregnancy or unsure

Is it safe to use bracelets from Good Balance?

The bracelets from Good Balance is loaded with natural energy produced by nature itself. Do you have any illness or are unsure, consult a doctor before using mainly magnetic bracelets.

Can I use the bracelets during pregnancy?

You should not use the magnetic bracelets if you are pregnant. The bracelet without the magnet will not be any danger, but if you feel unsure, you should consult your doctor.

I have a disease, can I use the bracelets then?

You should not use the magnetic bracelets for example if you have a pacemaker. Otherwise, you should consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Can children use the bracelets?

The bracelets works the same for children as for adults.

Change or return the goods

I want to change my bracelet, what shall I do?

Learn more under our Customer service.

I want to return my bracelet, what shall I do?

Learn more under our Customer service.

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