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1. Business

Good Balance is owned and operated by Good Balance Global AB (Organization number: 559110-8187 ) . Goodbalance.se / Good Balance / Nordic Days AB are hereinafter referred to as GB.

2. Pricing

All GB's prices are including 25 % Swedish VAT. The total price along with applicable shipping and payment terms you will find in the payment section below. Quantitity discounts always comes first and are based on regular prices.

3. Age limit

To make a purchase at GB you have to be 18 years or older.

4. Order

All orders are welcome at GB. We have no restrictions or minimum spend per order.

When ordering, we reserve the right to log your IP address. We treat your personal data in accordance with swedish PUL. Cancellation of an order can be made to info@goodbalance.se only until the goods have been sent.

5. Buy

A purchase can be made ​​either via the shopping cart, via email or by telephone. A purchase is completed and confirmed when you receive an order confirmation email from GB. When ordering by phone or e- mail you will be asked to make a pre-pay before we ship your order.

6. Availability

Normal delivery for stock items is 1-3 working days from order confirmation is received within Scandinavia. Delivery outside of Scandinavia may take up to a week. For products that are not in stock, the delivery time is individual.

GB do subject to unforeseen delays in delivery caused by our suppliers or distributors. If the delivery delay occurs we will notify you by e-mail. You always have the right to cancel the order upon delivery delays.

7. Delivery

We ship your order as package or letter.

We are not responsible for any delays caused by the shipping company.

8. Shipping

GB sends mostly of the packages/letters through DB Schenker, Post Nordic, DHL, TNT and UPS.

8.1 Home or to the address

Home delivery usually occurs but is not guaranteed. Home delivery depends on how big the package is and if it goes into your regular mail chutes / mailbox.


8.2 To Agents/wholesaler

Delivery is made to a post-office near you as receiver.

When you have received a notification via SMS or email from the carrier 's your package is ready to be picked up at designated post-office. Bring your transmission number and your identification. The package mainly remains at the post office for 14 days, thereafter it is sent back to goodbalance.se.


8.3 Delivery charges:

All purchases on the GB occur without debiting for the shipping cost within Sweden. Shipment abroad will be added to your amount at self-cost price.

9. Transport damage

9. Error on Your shipping

GB stands for the risk of loss and damage until you received your shipment if something else not is negotiated. Any errors, damage in transit or complaints should be reported to GB and the shipping company within 7 days from when you received your shipment.


9.1 Transport damage

If you discover damage to the package, you should immediately notify the post office/carrier and make a claim. Do not collect a damaged package. If you do not discover the damage until you have opened the package, and the damage is of a nature that can be attributed to the post office or shipping company’s handling, you should contact them and make a claim. If the dispute by mail or carrier cannot be resolved, contact GB immediately. Take a picture of the damage on the item and the damaged packaging and describe the damage in your contact with GB. Your pictures should show the damage clearly.


9.2 Guarantee and Return Policy

If your product is fault, damaged or in any manner defective, please contact our customer service through email : info@goodbalance.se immediately. If you can demonstrate that it is a manufacturing defect in the product you will receive fully money back. If you are not satisfied with your product you are free to send it back to GB within 30 days but you will pay for the freight cost.

According to the consumers right you have as a customer complaints right for 3 years after you have received the goods. Faulty or damaged goods must be claimed within 14 days.

Notice of any disputes , we follow the National Board for decision .

When making a complaint it is required that you can show a receipt or packing slip. Goodbalance.se carefully examines all submitted products. If it turns out that it is an customer error or if the product is flawless GB will not stand for a replacement of the product.


Return address:

Good Balance Global AB

Storgatan 63

57431 Vetlanda

10. Right of withdrawal

Always contact GB's customer service through email info@goodbalance.se if you wish to undo your purchase to get further instructions.


You have the right to return undamaged and unused goods without giving any reason. Notice of this must be provided as soon as possible but no later than thirty (30) days from the receipt of such goods .


The item must be returned complete in unused condition, which means that any and all accessories must be included in the return package. The item shall be returned in its original packaging. The item shall be returned as soon as possible and no later than 10 days after you told GB that you regret your purchase. After GB has received and checked the item we will refund the value of the product to you , within 30 days after we have received the goods back .


You are responsible for the return shipping when invoking of a right of return policy for 30 days. Returns cannot be made as cash on delivery. Note that when sending back to GB, you are responsible for payment if the item is damaged or lost.


If you return the entire shipment you will be charged for the actual shipping cost , which also includes the freight out if your package is shipped freight free .


We follow the Consumer Agency's recommendations in Sweden: www.konsumentverket.se



11. Money back guarantee


If the product you ordered do not meet your expectations, you have the right to return the product within 30 days from your order date and get your money back.


Returned products in (undamaged) original packaging shall be shipped to (sender is responsible for the postage) :


Good Balance Global AB

Storgatan 63

57431 Vetlanda


Print your order confirmation and / or invoice and enclose with your return.

12. Unclaimed packages

Have you ordered and not picked up your shipment before it is returned to us (about 14 days), we will bill you 79 SEK for our work with the handling of the goods.

13. Payment

You can choose between several payment method with us. Before confirming your purchase, you choose the method that suits you best at checkout. GB stores no information derived with the payment information given.


GB follow distance sales law and reserves the purchase price to your account in the implementation of card payments .


13.1 Credit Card

With Klarna (Sweden, Norway, Finland) and PayPal (Worldwide), you can pay by credit card or online banking through a payment link , which appears after the final order . More information about Klarna on klarna.se and PayPal on www.paypal.com.


13.2 Internet

With Klarna and PayPal, you can pay by credit card or online banking through a payment link, which appears after the final order.


13.3 Invoice


We work with Klarna. It allows you to pay by invoice. Klarna Account or split your payment easily. Klarna work safely with e-commerce invoice and credit solutions with many major companies within Scandinavia.


If you are using Klarna Account, your payment will be seen at your account on Klarna. You only need to fill in your social security number and the payment is placed on your Klarna account. Then you will get a bill put together by the end of the month. For more information visit Klarna's website www.klarna.se.


With Klarna invoice you will receive the invoice charge separately for you to confirm your purchase. The invoice must be paid within 20 days. No charges. For more information and for interim payment visit Klarna's website www.klarna.com.


13.4 Prepayment

You pay money in advance, we as soon as we received your payment. After you submit your order at checkout you will receive information on screen and via e -mail how you proceed with the payment. (Expect a day extra delivery if you choose the pre-payment). Do not forget to enter your order number you were assigned in the order confirmation and the name and address when in contact with us. Processing and shipping of your order takes place when your transaction is registered on our bank account. We reserve the goods for 5 working days pending payment if we then not noticed any payment we will deregister your purchase.

14. Privacy, Security & Privacy

Your personal information is handled in accordance with relevant provisions of the swedish PUL.


When you execute your order from GB your personal information, which includes name, address and telephone number. Upon registration of your personal data and your order, you agree to simultaneously GB stores and uses your data to fulfill our commitment we have towards you. Goodbalance.se will not disclose or sell your personal information to third parties. We always treat your details confidentially, you as a customer can always feel safe with this.


The mobile number you enter in the checkout can be used for SMS notification of delivery or other communications relating to your order .

15. Other


We do not guarantee that all pictures accurately reflect the true appearance or its color. The indicated sizes are approximate. We want to point out again that the function of the product is not guaranteed and that there is no scientific research on whether the product works. The information contained on the website is what our customers have reported that they experienced when using.


We update our catalog regularly. GB also have the right to send you news, discounts and offers provided by our newsletter if you have indicated you wish Newsletter. To unsubscribe from this list, send an email to info@goodbalance.se with your emailadress and state you do not want to receive this information any longer.


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